• Can the iLine F be used with all types of bioreactor? 

The iLine F can be used with any type of stirred tank. The BioConnect can be attached on the headplate of a bioreactor using a compression fitting for 12mm probes.

  • Is the Bioconnect reusable? 

It is a single use probe but the pump is reusable. 

  • How can I sterilize the Bioconnect system? 

The Bioconnect is autoclavable as any other probe. 

  • How much cell culture volume is consumed for 1 sample/analysis?  

As the cell culture volume is circulated in a closed loop, there is no consumption of volume as it returns in the vessel, and thus no contamination risk. 

  • Does the use of the iLine F impact the cell culture? 

No, The iLine F uses a non-invasive imaging system applying low power Red LED light to illuminate the sample. 

  • Can cells be damaged when pumping?

We carefully designed our membrane pump which is actually working like a heart and similar to this organ, it does not affect your cells.

  • What type of information can I get with the iLine F? 

The iLine F monitors more than just cell density and viability, it records 16 morphologic parameters and also information about clusters. 

  • How many data can I record for one run? 

This is up to you to decide how many data points you wish to have per hour/day/run.

  • How long does it take to have one data point?

This is variable depending on the amount of images you decides to take per time-point. The more images you capture, the more statistical relevance you get, but also the more time it will take to acquire the images. Once the images are acquired, the analysis  will be performed in a few minutes. 

  • Does the iLine F monitor all types of suspension cells?

All type of cells can be monitored as long as they are in suspension. Certain very specific cell lines with particular phenotypic features may ask for algorithm optimization. This optimization can be performed by OVIZIO.

  • What is the minimum or maximum cell density that can monitor the iLine F? Does it work with low density or high density culture?

It is recommended to have a cell density between 10.000 cells/mL and 20 millions cells/mL.

  • Can this technology work for microcarriers?

We currently investigate other solutions for monitoring Microcarriers, the iLine F has not been designed for that (flowcell and pump).

  • Do we have a method of calibration for the iLine F system?

Our methodology is quite different from that applied in most probes using indirect measurements. Our 'Holographic Finderprint' approach offers access at single cell level and by doing so, it becomes very easy to validate your segmentation & detection algorithms. (there is no conversion of data involved, no re-calibration during a run, debris can easily be distinguished from cells based on their holographic fingerprint.)