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Distribution Agreement

Ovizio imaging system and Applikon began a long term worldwide marketing and distribution agreement in September 2012. The iLine F launch at ESACT on May 31st is the result of this successful collaboration.

Applikon and Ovizio have a common vision of the potential of optical image analysis in bioprocessing. We feel that using optical 4D image analysis for determination of biomass concentration and viability is only the first step in applying this revolutionary technology to the bioprocess industry

Erik Kakes, Commercial Director of Applikon Biotechnology.

We are absolutely delighted to partner with a company having such an in-depth knowledge of the market and strong reputation within the Bioprocess industry. We believe that quantitative imaging as a new Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applied to online bioreactor monitoring will allow Biopharma customers to improve process knowledge, quality and productivity in their R&D, Pilot and Production environments.

Philip Mathuis, CEO of Ovizio.